My Magnificent POWER ANIMALS


In today’s meditation, I journeyed to the underworld to meet my animal spirit guide. At the beginning of the journey, I came across a few animals: rabbit, frog, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, caribou, deer. These animals came up to me but then ran off. They didn’t come back. As much as I tried to meet only one spirit guide, there were three animals (and a remote 4th) who came up to me and remained with me – a brown grizzly bear, 2 black duo colored snakes, and 2 crows. Not only wouldn’t they leave me, but they also touched me and allowed me to touch them.

After entering the underworld, I began walking down a path in a dark forest. As I was walking, a big brown grizzly bear came up to me first. He stood up on his two hind legs and roared at me. He let me look into his mouth and touch his face. As I continued walking, he began to walk directly next to me. I felt the bear’s power.I AM YOUR STRENGTH.”

Continuing on, I came to a cave-like room. There were black snakes moving all over the floor (like Indiana Jones). I wasn’t afraid and they seemed to move out of my way as I walked through the room but none of them approached me directly. The bear walked beside me through the snakes. Once on the other side of the room, I looked back to see two snakes following me. One snake was red & black with specks of orange and the other was yellow and black. As soon as these two snakes slithered up to me, I reached towards them and they went right up my arms and then down my body. I HATE SNAKES. I really do. But for some reason, I didn’t have a problem with these snakes being on me. I wasn’t repulsed. I didn’t look away and I didn’t flinch. I just watched in a kind of wonderment. After they slithered down my body, they went back up and wrapped themselves around my arms. I heard the snakes. “WE ARE YOUR MOVEMENT.” They told me that they have the ability to move easily anywhere. Slither anywhere, a snake in water. They didn’t hide and moved with purpose which made them powerful.

I came to a lit campfire and sat down. The bear laid down next me to and let me run both of my hands up and down his body. I was able to get my fingers deep into his brown fur. He then let me rest my head on him. Two black crows flew over me and as I sat up, they took a seat directly on my shoulders. I could “feel them” looking at me out of the side of their head – one eye seeing sideways. It felt like they were looking deep inside me. As they sat on my shoulders it felt like they saw everything but with a “different all-knowing” eye. They could see darkness and understand deep secrets and hidden paths. I knew the crows. “WE ARE YOUR VISION.” But it wasn’t like an overviewing vision an eagle might have. It was a dark knowing sight, an unafraid knowing. It felt like seer knowledge but not that of a soothsayer but more of wisdom, ancient knowledge and magick.

Off in the distance, I noticed a peacock. He flaunted himself and widened his feathers to let me see all of his colors. But he didn’t approach me, touch me or let me touch him. He stayed off in the distance but not too far away that I couldn’t make out his detail. I took this to mean that when I’m ready to let my true self come out, he will be there for me. For now, he is waiting patiently in the distance letting me glimpse his full magnificent beauty.

I got up from the fire and started walking with the three animals back down the dark forest path. The bear stopped walking next to me and laid down to let me climb onto his back. I sat on top of him, clutching his fur in between my fingers. The two crows sat prominently on my shoulders making themselves very known – and feared? – and the snakes were wrapped confidently around my arms from my shoulders down to my hands. The animals felt like POWER. Magnificent and terrifying POWER and that power flowed through me.

Prior to this meditation, I hadn’t done any research on any spirit animals including these four animals so I don’t know their “true meanings” just how they made me feel and how they spoke to me during this meditation. I am also not sure I saw Crows or Ravens. Crow is the animal I “knew” but then as I researched the animal meanings I realized it could have been Ravens. I’m going to stay with Crow because that’s what my initial take on the two birds was.


When Bear stands as your SPIRIT ANIMAL, it’s time to be courageous. Bear teaches you to trust your instincts and let go of all that blocks your path. It’s a sign your higher self is preparing you for a position of leadership – if only in your own life. Bear keeps you grounded and holds you firm. Bear is among the ultimate protectors. Once that kind of bravery takes root in your soul, it will forever be there. Bear also helps you self-examine and you might need “cave time” to listen to your heart instead of all those other voices who think they know what’s best for you. Bear is a guide on your journey for honing your insight, physically and emotionally. Bear can help you discover, acknowledge and empower personal abilities that you may underestimate. Release whatever holds you back and embrace Bear’s wisdom. Bear is especially helpful when you need to stay grounded. Bear energy can help you find your balance and stride through any situation. Bear represents extremely strong Medicine, including the special powers in the areas of wisdom, strength, and healing.

As a power animal, the Snake will guide you through your transformation. If you want to bring about significant changes in your life, the Snake will help you shed your skin. When Snake slithers in as your SPIRIT ANIMAL, the mystical will become the norm. Snake teaches you how to get in touch with the Earth Mother and to see things anew. When Snake starts appearing as a guide, it is time to cast away illusions, unhealthy beliefs, and unreasonable expectations. Give up the “would haves”, “could haves” and “should haves” and focus on NOW. Snake comes to help you when you struggle with your passions and pleasures and experiencing them wisely, without guilt. The Snake opens Chakras, particularly the Base Chakra. Snake energy causes us to consider life and death matters. When Snake slithers in as your Spirit Animal, things are about to get “real”. When you open yourself to Snake Energies, you are also opening yourself to changes that eventually manifest in Spiritual renewal. The changes you’ll endure are not always simple or without emotional pain, but once you conquer the challenges you’ll face, that’s the moment true healing begins.

The Crow SPIRIT ANIMAL represents wisdom and insight. The Crow symbolism amplifies your power of sight and any connection you may have with magic in your life. If the Crow chooses you, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic. The Crow is seen in many shamanic traditions as the spirit animal of choice for those who use magic and have the power to manipulate the law of our physical universe. The Crow is an amazing advocate for improving your insights. Working with Crow energy and medicine you can begin to see how energies mix, mingle and transform on an alchemical level. Crows are very protective and work effectively to chase off a seemingly impossible foe. With Crow in your life, you’ll have a natural desire to safeguard the little guy, defend your territory and speak your truth without fear. Crow may appear when you doubt that you’re smart enough to accomplish your goals and dreams. With Crow’s power, it’s definitely time to think and live out the box.

Peacock teaches you about past life lessons, and how the right use of color instills magic into your world. When Peacock’s spirit makes itself known in your life, it’s time to look at things differently. Walk the path of gratitude. Peacock’s message is one of confidence. Look at your talents and transferable skills and find a way to set your goal in motion. Peacock ANIMAL SPIRIT is a healer. Peacock may be reminding you that it’s ok to shake your tail feathers. You have talent that others overlook because you stay on the sidelines. Strut your stuff. Peacock teaches us how to use our true-seeing abilities and release our spiritual vision. Seek out Peacock as a power animal when you explore your past lives and the lessons they offer.

And as I researched the above, I also found my birth totem animal. Interesting that its lesson is to trust flying outside of the formation. Its life purpose is to be different and trust in that difference.

Birth Totem: Snow Goose
Northern Hemisphere: Dec 22-Jan 19
Direction: North
Element: Earth
Stone: Quartz

Snow Goose people are seekers of spiritual enlightenment at the highest levels.

Snow Goose’s love belongs to no other than a true twin flame.

Snow Goose’s lesson is to trust that flying outside of the formation is OK.