New Blog Design

March 31, 2008

I’ve been working on a new blog design. I was going to try and get it all done before I put it out on the site but that could take weeks… months… blah. So I’ll make my changes as I go… I wanted to change over to word press and there was no easy way to convert my old data so I decided to start over. It’s not like I had a lot of recent posts to my old blog so I don’t feel like I’m losing all that… I’m really hoping to stick with this one more.  There is no pretty design yet… just foundation.  Maybe one day I’ll become more inspired to work on this.

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Great Quote

March 28, 2008

I just got my two new books from Amazon – Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles. The other day I noticed on Krista’s blog she had one of these books as her latest recommended book. Funny and strange… I had already ordered mine when I saw her recommendation. After flipping through them briefly I have to say I just love the page layout and design of the books. They are very cool… inspiring… artsy… One of the projects listed a quote that I thought was just awesome… “Some days I spend half the time just wondering what the hell I am doing and when will I be done.” That about sums up the story of my life…

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It’s been awhile….

March 26, 2008

Been so long since I’ve actively wrote on my blog. I need to get better about taking some time for myself. I really want to start keeping a daily journal of some kind. I started a journal last year around this time and then stopped writing daily in June. It’s strange to go back and read where I was a year ago…. I feel that so much has changed but on the other hand not much has changed either. Weird.

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